Acquire these tools to facilitate powerfulengagement in the classroom

The digital technology has moved beyond the traditional horizons of the classroom walls in order to provide a richer learning experience to the learners. Now the students can acquire learning not only from the teacher, but also through collaborative and project-based tools that helps them in crafting customized solutions. From interactive quizzes to classroom management apps, both teachers and learners can avail the digital features at the expense of sitting in their own home, in the classroom, or elsewhere.

As for this discussion, we’re going to talk about the best digital tools that I feel work well to instill quality engagement in the classroom.

1. Trello

As the college and university curriculum is becoming more and more advanced with each year in all the major disciplines, the need for multitasking is growing proportionately. Students are required to organize and schedule their own work and study sessions both in and out of the class. Trello, a project management app helps the student in this regard as they get to create custom workflow charts. Furthermore, more than one student can interact on a single project through the same dashboard.

2. Plickers

Plickers, an educational app primarily designed for teachers that can be used to collect real-time formative assessment data without acquiring the learners’ devices. Educators use the tool to write questions which students can answer in real-time. The answers will help the educator determine if the student is prepare or not for topic at the specific instant. The data acquires can be further use to make relevant amendments in the lesson planning, type of assessments, coursework writing projects requirements, etc.

3. Nearpod

Nearpod is an interactive classroom app that teachers can use to craft engaging and innovative lesson plans, gauge the understanding level of the students, and consume their feedback in real-time. The point is to instill the element of genuine engagement in the classroom.

Let it be the student wanting to acquire a spot-on custom assignment help from the teacher or other professionals in the field, or simply answer close-ended questions, the above tools help the teachers acquire real-time responses and feedback from the learners that sets the tone for the remaining academic tenure in the classroom.

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