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I am now in winding up mode when everyone else is in wind down. The enormous task in front of me is to clear the mess around my workspace that has accumulated since I arrived in October 2015 and ensure that the department I have come to know and love is fit for purpose after I leave and the rightful owner returns fresh faced and enthusiastic from her extended career break.

This has also been a career break for me in the way that "a change is as good as a rest" can be. I have had all sorts of new experiences, met all sorts of new people and been able to really develop my understanding of the need and joy of teacher agency and teacher leadership. I remember my surprise at discovering the difference between leadership and management roles in higher education where a title did not come as much with status and money as responsibility. 

Now teacher leadership is on the rise there is a hope for this within schools. However like the previous developments of senior teacher and chartered teacher there is already the mumblings of two divergent concerns - teacher workload and teacher agency. If teacher leadership is going to flourish in the corridors and classrooms up and down the land it will be important that ordinary teachers with the day to day job of facilitating effective learning in young people, are encouraged to share their passions and communicate their expertise because they want to. Not necessarily for status or financial gain but equally not at the insistence of their managers.

The Women Ed movement in Scotland is in its infancy and it is my personal hope that as women we can effect change at grass roots level. Here communication, co operation, collaboration, creativity and confidence will blossom and our caring community will encourage this not because it looks good on your cpd file but because improving the lives of learners is a lifelong cause in which all can contribute! 

Hopefully I remembered all the 6 cs.


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Mandy Davidson

Mandy Davidson

I have been teaching Religious and Moral Education since the late 80s and love it!

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Lena Carter Lena Carter @lenabellina 6 months ago
You always inspire me Mandy. Thank you.
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 6 months ago
Fab post - there are 8 Cs - DM if you want the graphic @TheHopefulHT on twitter. If posts are tagged #womened they go into our bank & get used for our research re impact of the community...
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