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Are you a company who has always wanted to reach out to schools. Whether it's linked to your corporate social responsibility or to tap into future talent at an impressionable age. Well unless you've got a department dedicated to outreach then this can prove to be a lengthy often unsuccessful task.

STEMgirls club acts as a link between schools and STEM companies. The clubs expose, engage and empower specifically girls ages 14- 15 to choose STEM subjects at A level in order to take apprenticeships or university courses in STEM field. The girls will be exposed to a range of different careers in STEM, meet positive female role models currently working in the field of STEM and empowered to realise their abilities and introduce them to the range of different STEM options out there post secondary school.

This is obviously a very inticing opportunity for STEM businesses, being able to tap into this large pool of STEM motivated females, able to influence what skills are being learnt and enhanced at the clubs and opportunities for work experience.

As a school teacher, with over ten years experience STEMgirls club already has a fairly clear idea of how this project will run from a schools perspective but we would love to hear from you on what your thoughts on how you could see this project working for you.

If you would be happy to share your thoughts please contact

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Amy Ryman

Amy Ryman

Head of Science at Harris Crystal Palace

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Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 4 months ago
Amy are you connected with Niall at CPDbee or Daniel at Edukit? I am going to tag you on twitter now x
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