Topic: Leading a wellbeing initiative in your school

I am excited to announce that on Sunday 25th June we will have a host of 'beacon educators' sharing their blogs with practical examples about leading wellbeing initiatives in their schools. It is guaranteed to be a 'bumper pack' wellbeing edition for any weary educator needing some fresh inspiration at the end of the academic year. These initiatives could be with governors; staff; students; whole school; families and the school's wider community; a particular year group; an intervention project; assembly presentations; pshe lesson(s); cross-curricular scheme of work; extra-curricular; a themed day; themed week; about embedding intrinsic values; recognising triggers and building strategies.....the list is endless.

The key with any wellbeing initiative is that we get 'buy in ' from the people we are working with in schools and that they 'sign up' to a whole shift in the language of learning: positive mental health and wellbeing are  as important as achieving good grades.

It's been a great year with many exciting educators taking the initiative and raising the profile. It is important we share these inspirational  examples and hopefully motivate others to keep up the momentum in their schools.

Perhaps you can also connect with an educator who might be working in the same area as you and we could set up beacon contacts?  The ones who shine the light for others to follow for mental health and wellbeing initiatives.

Below are a list of times with 28 slots where you can expect to read blogs (twitter handles and staff rm names provided.) Click on their links and it will take you to their twitter page where you can find out more about the contributor and make further contact if you wanted to. 

Remember to use #wellbeingdgmeet‍ when searching or responding in all online blog and social media posts and if possible try and take some time out to read and feedback on some of the great projects you will get to hear about.

Looking forward to connecting with you all as we inspire each other for the incoming 2017/2018 academic year and THANK YOU to those who have come on board.

8.00am -@KerryJordanDaus

8.30 am - @MattGovernor

9.00am - @Daringoptimist

9.30 - @lenabellina‍ 

10.00 - @ano‍   

10.30 - @DCPSDeputyHead

11.00 -  @Exe_Head

11.15 - @Mindfulmiss1

11.30 - @DeputyDifferent

12.00 - @AnniPoole

12.30 - @MikeArmiger  

1.00pm - @kayprice82

1.30 - @shirleydrummon5

2.00 - @ceristokes‍ 

2.30 - @fenicec

3.00 - @jazampawfarr

3.30 - @brightlightjac‍ 

4.00 - @kerlizhaw‍ 

4.30 - @LeenaAsha

5.00 - @andrew_cowley23 

5.30 - @KAB21MAC 

6.00 - @ottleyoconnor

6.30 - @redhappyshoes

7.00 - @rondelle10_b

7.30 - @MsHMFL

8.00 - @reachoutASC

8.30 - @cerasmusteach‍ 

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Clare Erasmus

Clare Erasmus

Director of Mental Health & Wellbeing & Head of Creative Media

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Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 5 months ago
Fabulous Shirley - TY - I will add you now
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 5 months ago
Looks fab - we have a #womened regional leaders day but will try to get everyone to pop in and support! @mshmfl might be able to represent Aureus! x
Lena Carter Lena Carter @lenabellina 5 months ago
So hugely excited.
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 5 months ago
Hi @misswilsey - @mshmfl is already slotted in for 7,30 . TY for your support. This whole concept of a digimeet is of course inspired by you dear Hannah and your womenED and BameED digimeets !!!
Jaz Ampaw-Farr Jaz Ampaw-Farr @jazampawfarr 5 months ago
I'm happy to do 3pm.
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 5 months ago
TY @jazampawfarr great to have you on board too sharing your wellbeing initiative (s). A beacon educator for many xx
Anoara Mughal Anoara Mughal @ano 5 months ago
I am really excited to be taking part in this brilliant initiative @cerasmusteach and really looking forward to reading lots of wonderful blogs! xxx
Jackie Wilson Jackie Wilson @brightlightjac 5 months ago
I would love a slot please 3:30pm? or alternative. Thank you!
Sam Collins Sam Collins @schoolwell 5 months ago
Sounds amazing Clare, look forward to reading them all!
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 5 months ago
Hi Jackie @brightlightjac - no probs I will slot you in for 3.30pm thanks so much for coming on board and sharing your wellbeing initiative(s)
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 5 months ago
This is an incredible pledge of wellbeing initiative focused blogs - wow wow wow - a bumper pack edition - phenomenal work everyone
Kerry Jordan-Daus Kerry Jordan-Daus @kerry 5 months ago
What a line up of wonderful and inspirational colleagues. It's going to be awesome.
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