Key questions you can ask to get started with a mental health program in your school


The end of the academic year may be only 6 weeks away but for many teachers this is our busiest time as we set the stage for the coming year. Revising school development plans; CPD events being confirmed and whole school visions being created. For many schools this might be your first year where you formally start to engage in a mental health and well-being program.

You know your 'WHY' but you may still be finding your way with the 'How' & 'What.'

Here are 16 questions ( I have 'magpied' over the years) which I have found very useful in getting us  to the point I needed to get: in rolling out a robust pre-emptive and proactive mental health and wellbeing program at The Magna Carta School.

If you have any more questions to add please feel free to leave comments. Good luck and let me know how you get on. 

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Clare Erasmus

Clare Erasmus

Director of Mental Health & Wellbeing & Head of Creative Media

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