My #Womened pledge


I thought writing my #Womened pledge may be a difficult thing to do given that I am going to be off on mat leave in 5 weeks time. 

However, turns out it isn’t that tricky at all.

Maternity leave for me is definitely about spending time with family. I will absolutely make the most of the time I have with our new baby, and my daughter, and the rest of our fabulous family. It is a time to take advantage of the things you can’t do in ‘normal’ life - stay in PJs all day, go to baby classes and drink endless tea, make new friends, convince yourself that baby sign language is a necessity – then realise it isn’t, and gradually emerge out of the haze and return to real life.

I also think that it is an opportunity – to learn, to develop, to try new things.The last time I went on mat leave – which was also the first time I went on mat leave, I had a list of things I wanted to do.

I love a list.

The notes section on my phone is full of lists – shopping lists, to-do lists, lists of what to buy people for Christmas presents, lists of places I want us to visit, lists to remind me of future gigs and theatre shows that are coming on, lists of things to write about and lists of things I want to do – for me. This list is the most important list and it is something I have maintained post mat leave.

It was whilst I was last on mat leave that I started to blog, as a Mum with a family in the North West – my blogs are about places to go, things to do – valuable things every new parent needs to know – like the top 5 places in Manchester centre which are buggy friendly and also sell beer. Essential.

I got a running buggy and went out a lot with Rita running – this was great for my physical and mental health. I got a sewing machine, intending to make Rita clothes for summer – that never happened. I saw more of family and friends I don’t usually see as often as I would like. I read more.

I also got together with two friends and we set up which provides unique family events across the North West in venues, festivals and even at parties. What started out as a Sunday afternoon in a social club in South Manchester has grown and with it, I have grown too.

Yes, we have made mistakes along the way, but we have all learned new skills, taken on bigger challenges and made a success of something we started from nothing. Developing my skill set - developing me, was such an important part of my mat leave.

And so – my #Womened pledge for this academic year. I am going to make the most of the time I have off. Make the most of the time I have with family and friends. Make the most of all the Frasier repeats Channel 4 has on each morning, and make the most of the time I have for myself.

I am hoping to do some collaboration whilst I am off with some of the wonderful people I have met through #Womened – blogging with @keziah‍ , Youtubing with @kiran‍  working with @maternityCPD ,and maybe even some business growth with @dauntlessdaughters‍ 

I am also determined to master that sewing machine gathering dust in my loft – will keep you posted.

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Hannah Gregory

Leader of teaching and learning at a NW secondary school.

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