Gangsta’s Paradise


‪‪As part of my workshop at the recent Womened Unconference, I referenced my random ability to remember almost all the words to Coolio’s 90s hit ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ - made famous by the film Dangerous Minds.

Whilst reflecting on the conference this morning, I decided to re-word said hit. It is possible that the following was written in the early morning pre-caffeine delirium that is Sunday with small children. 

It has been brought to my attention that if, unlike me, you don’t know all of the original lyrics - or the tune, then some of the awesomeness of my alterations is instantly lost. It could well be that this blog in fact only appeals to a niche market - something I probably should have considered before writing it. 


It may be a silly format but the message is there. Somewhere.

That said - here goes ....


As I walk through the valley of the centre of Sheff,‬‬                                

I take a look at google maps, realise it’s a sharp left.‬‬      

Cause I've been walkin’ and searchin' for so long -‬‬             

That even Siri thinks that my mind is gone.‬‬                 


But I knew I found conference that did deserve it.‬‬                                            

Me be treated like an equal, you know that's sometimes unheard of.‬‬                  

Doesn’t matter how you talkin' and where you walkin',‬‬                                        

If you made it there from Wiltshire, or Durham, or York.‬‬


‪‪I really was quite nervous, but I had to start.‬‬                                              

Choosing Life, finding balance - it’s a bit of an art.‬‬


Brave. I'm the kinda she that little women wanna be like.‬‬                                

Said my piece, feeling proud - heard a #leadmeet, feeling wowed. ‬‬

‪‪For -‬‬

‪‪We’ll be spending most our lives‬‬ - Livin' in a gender paradise.‬‬                             

Be spending most their lives‬‬ - Livin' in a gender paradise.‬‬


Look at the situation they got us facin'‬‬                                                              

We can live a dauntless life, we can reach for the dream.                                                           

So you gotta be down with Womened team‬‬                                                      

So much education - learning, got me chasing dreams.‬‬


I'm an educated queen with women on my mind -                                             

Got Twitter in my hand and a gleam in my eye,‬‬                                                        

Inspiring speakers - reachers, what comes next teachers,‬‬                             

Questioning my reasons - So here is my why- ‬‬


Equality is further than a heart beat away‬‬ -                                                         

I'm choosing life, rising up, so what can I say?‬‬                                                

We’re making changes now but will we live to see them all?‬‬                             

The way things are going - I hope so.‬‬


Tell me why are we so blind to see,‬‬ ‪‪That the ones who can are you and me?‬‬

Tell me why are we so blind to see,‬ That the ones who rise are you and me?‬


We’ll be spending most our lives‬ - Livin' in a gender paradise‬‬                           

Be spending most their lives‬‬ - Livin' in a gender paradise‬‬


Power in the sharing, sharing all the power - ‬‬                                               

Minute after minute, hour after hour.‬‬                                                                 

Resilience and leading, hopefulness and meaning. ‬‬                                    

What’s going on in the world - a passion that is burning.‬‬


They say I gotta stretch, and everybody’s here to coach me.‬‬                            

Because they understand it, they all know how to reach me!‬‬


I guess we hope,                                                                                                    

I guess we can,                                                                                                        

I guess we will; that's why I know my life is full of luck, for - ‬‬


We’ll be spending most our lives -‬ ‪Livin' in a gender paradise.‬                           

Be spending most their lives‬ - Livin' in a gender paradise.‬



And if, by some chance you are one of the teeny minority who hasn’t a clue what this is about - here is the original.....

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Hannah Gregory

Hannah Gregory

Leader of teaching and learning at a NW secondary school.

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Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 2 weeks ago
This is bloody brilliant!! X
Annemarie  Williams Annemarie Williams @awilliams 2 weeks ago
Oh my god I'm laughing my socks off! This absolutely genius!!!! I love it❤️
@misswilsey , we should start next years conference with a rap!
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