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Staffrm was fundamental in the birth of #WomenEd - from the initial blogs by @helenamarsh‍ and @jillberry‍ - to the hundreds of blogs that followed. So we are saddened that Saffrm will be closing. 

To ensure that the #WomenEd community continue to have a space to find their voice, we have opened up a new wordpress site. It is not going to be as easy to use as Staffrm sadly, but if you would like to send over TWO of your existing Staffrm blogs, and anything new, we'll do our best to get them published and promoted.

Send your maximum 600 word long blogs, an image, the name you'd like published, a twitter ID if you have one to keziahf70@gmail.com 

See your finished works at womenedblog.wordpress.com (soon!)

Please remember we all have full time jobs and these will all be done by hand!

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Keziah Featherstone

Keziah Featherstone

School leader - #WomenEd - #HTRT - Writer

13 stories


Hannah Gregory Hannah Gregory @hgregory 2 months ago
Tried hitting ‘here’ but link doesn’t appear to be working - H
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 2 months ago
Aargh - I didn't know @staffrm was closing! What a shame! I have loads on there.... Will send you a couple of them.
Fee Stagg Fee Stagg @govclerk 2 months ago
Thanks for letting us know. I use WordPress all the time! Love it!
Kay Fuller Kay Fuller @kayfuller 2 months ago
Thanks for doing this Keziah. Will you be able to include the 12 research blogs?
Kay Fuller Kay Fuller @kayfuller 2 months ago
Will DM the links shortly.
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