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I've been a silent participator of twitter for the last 6 months, too shy to post any of my views, accumulated over the 12 years of my career. 

After a fantastic talk by Natalie and Jaz on Friday, I decided it was time to get myself out there and share my love of teaching and leading with other like minded professionals. 

As a consequence I changed my twitter handle to reflect myself rather than my current school and am now writing my first piece on staffrm. My brain is wired for numbers , so please don't judge me harshly on my written words!

I'm pledging to get involved in teachmeets and leadmeets and host one in the next academic year.

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Maths Teacher • Leader • Teaching Leaders Alumni • MA Educational Leadership • Runner

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Jaz Ampaw-Farr Jaz Ampaw-Farr @jazampawfarr 5 months ago
Hey @KI Use the @sign to tag people in your posts like Hannah did in her comments then we can read and enjoy your thoughts!
Natalie Scott Natalie Scott @nataliescott 5 months ago
Yes! Well done you. Welcome to the staffer and twitter edu community. X
Jay Rixon Jay Rixon @jayrixon 5 months ago
Well done, and how great to have you as an active part of this community.
K I K I @leadingspark 5 months ago
Thanks you guys!
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