So Prince William is going to "embrace his destiny", give up flying air ambulances and commit himself full-time to royal duties at the age of thirty five, according to BBC radio 4's Today programme.

What a loaded phrase. I rather like it. Perhaps it would make a good school motto: "Embracing our destinies together".

But what would it really mean?

What was the destiny of that babe born with blue blood? To become King? To experience the breakdown of his parents' marriage? To fly an air ambulance? To lose his mother at a tragically young age? To become an advocate for mental health awareness?

What is my destiny? What is yours? What is the destiny of the next pupil you will teach?

To be anyone, go anywhere, do anything?

I was determined not to become a teacher. My parents and aunt had been and I grew up knowing the reality of the job and the strains and stresses that go with it.

But maybe it was determined that I would become a teacher because of my nature and nurture.

When I'm feeling tired or low, I slip into trying to believe that there is something pre-determined for me, in the stars, decided by some celestial force.

Alternatively, I find myself tempted to assign determination to my genes, an inalterable DNA road-map that I won't be able to re-write.

It would be easier that way; to be able to relinquish responsibility and to deny that I can do anything about it.

But I know, once I have shaken off my fatigue, that I have and can make choices. That even when things are difficult, I can find ways to achieve them. That even when my mindset is causing me problems, I can find ways to shift it and get back on track.

For the last couple of weeks, I have felt like turning my back on education. I have felt like a victim, not a saviour. I had lost some of my enthusiasm. Maybe that is just a natural part of being a teacher on holiday; a part of the period of introspection referred to in this wonderful article:

But the enthusiasm has returned now.

My destiny is to help children and young people embrace theirs.

I can't wait to get back at it. 

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Lena Carter

Lena Carter

Dep Head Pupil Support in Scotland.

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Christine Couser Christine Couser @cacouser 4 months ago
Think I'm still pondering my destiny
Kiran S Kiran S @kiran 4 months ago
Beautiful blog Lena - I love it! xx
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