I connected with #womened in April thru the Ulead conference in Banff.  I was so inspired that I started blogging, tweeting and networking with renewed passion.  In the past fear has been my mistress and I have often taken on challenges to reduce her grip, but lately her hold was quite tight and I felt stagnant and stuck.  

I was also growing a little jaded but convincing myself that I was fine where I was, that I could continue on this same path, even though I wasn't fulfilled and wasn't always happy.  Through reading other women's words here on staffrm and on tweeter I felt that I could summon the courage to speak my truth again and face the fear.

I had applied for principalships previously but the feedback had always centered on growing my instructional leadership.  I was struggling with this at my current location so I put on my "granny girdle" (big girl panties) and started applying for other assistant principal positions.  This process was fear-filled as I am reluctant to put my name out there, to speak my narrative.  I had grown pretty comfortable again believing that I was not worth another position.

However, last Thursday I had 2 interviews back to back.  Certainly not a set-up that screams "You will succeed" but I prepared and put my best foot forward.  I am happy to say I was successful in securing another assistant principal position and I can feel my worth and confidence restoring.  Truthfully I am delighted in the change of position, but I am equally delighted that I put myself out there and let others see what I can do and be.

I suppose this blog is for others wading through the muck and mire of what is low confidence and low worth.  If you are already in leadership, you are already considering leadership - you have what it takes.  Loads of teachers tell me all the time that they would never consider doing the work administrators do - that doesn't mean they aren't leaders, but they likely won't occupy a formal office.  If you think you want to pursue leadership, give it a go.  Best case you get a position - worst case - you tell fear and low self worth to go and F*** itself!  That really isn't a bad spot to be in!

To all who blog and tweet, I kindly ask you continue sharing and connecting - it what inspired me to move.

Much thanks again, Lisa H  : )

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Lisa Hannay

Lisa Hannay

I am an Assistant Principal at a high school in Calgary, Alberta.

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Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 6 months ago
Brilliant Lisa! Massive congrats - go and buy some celebratory pants? X
Lisa Hannay Lisa Hannay @lisahan 5 months ago
Thanks Hannah! I may just do new pants for my new job!
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