Shiny Bright Things


Opening: John Tomsett

I love hearing John speak (first heard him at #ResearchEd York). His personal anecdotes interwoven in his educational philosophy always engage me. He started the day by warning us of being magpies on Monday - taking our shiny new ideas back & trialling the latest fad without planning how to embed & sustain. 

Session 1: Kev Bartle

Another one of my favourite speakers - also met him at #ResearchEd & #TLT16 was  morning after a brilliant contribution at #teachmeetexcel the night before - his session was on Conplexity, Chaos & Ecosystems in schools. There was a lot of theory & research but the 3 main messages were: how can build professional capacity? How can we promote collaboration with integrity? How can we empower teachers & leaders to self-manage?

Session 2: Caroline Spalding

I went to Caroline's session last year at #TLT15 - she is a great speaker. This year she went political and challenged the room. I have had a lot of conversations recently about our elite curriculum & 'flight pathways'. Caroline asked to reflect on what we value & why. I raised the issue of the lack of diversity in the curriculum. 

It was also great to catch up with @candidagould‍ & @ktlangspec

Session 3: I delivered

My session was on talent-spotting & succession planning. The group was smallish but everyone got to talk. It was great to connect with a lot of #womened community. The dialogue was interesting - reflecting on our own career trajectories did take us down the diversity & equality conversation - we discussed strategies that work in our contexts such as shadowing/ secondments & shared anecdotes of nepotistic promotions. It was great to catch up with @natw‍ & Debbie.

Session 4: Summer Turner

@summer‍ and I drove down together - we were both shatttered after #womened last weekend, the Harris Conference & #teachmeetexcel on Friday but didn't want to miss #tlt16. I have heard Summer speak lots at #teachmeets but not been to a season before - she challenged our thinking on what we teach, what students learn, what we assess and what we do with this information. Check out her new book on Curriculum, Assessment & CPD (Bloomsbury).

Close: Lindsay Skinner

I have not met or heard Lindsay speak before - she delivered a brilliant on Eloquence. She made us think about what we say, how we say it & the impact we have on our audience - specifically our students. It was fab to see @mstimperley‍ who had brought a GLF crew with her!

Dave & Jen are brilliant event organisers - it was a slick affair. Well done all involved. 

Great to catch up briefly with lots of my #PLN too. Lots of #womened community there for 2nd weekend in a row! 

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Lisa Pettifer Lisa Pettifer @lisa7pettifer 1 year ago
It certainly seems to have been a great day. What I really think you have summed up here, by referencing other recent events and some great speakers, is that we have a tremendous community of committed teachers who are willing to invest their own time in one another's development. And I'm counting you as v significant in that too, Hannah. When I look at some of the names you mention...I've heard some of these over the last few years: John at Northern Rocks, another amazing Saturday event. I first heard Summer at the East London Science School's 'Knowledge v Character' event, also a Saturday. Keven I met at the IoE Festival of Education in 2015... on a Saturday. I think you're the only person I've met on a school day! And I only managed to get to Wellington because I had a load of gained time last year. It just won't happen again. Teachers really are a great community of investors in professional capital, and I do really value the chance to choose these events for myself, in my own time. Part of me though wishes that there was more within INSET time, or shared days like you've done at Harris, where teachers from the same settings can share the buzz and inspiration of these sorts of events. Teachers need developing throughout their careers, and for some the flexibility of weekend and evening meets isn't an advantage. I think schools could do more with their PD time. There, I said it. Not that I'd ever want to be without teacher-led days like these, though. Or without people like you who offer so much. ❤️
Clare Erasmus Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach 1 year ago
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