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On 2nd June I attended my first TEDX.  The theme for #TEDXGla2017 was lead or follow.  amongst all the powerful stories and well delivered TED talks there is one particular message that continues to resonate with me. 

For so long I have been passionate about leadership, both my own and nurturing that in others but in doing so perhaps I have forgotten about the strength and power in following.  Dr Jane Bentley very cleverly demonstrated the power of following - creating music and human connection are all about following.  She very eloquently showed us how following is a skill in itself and can open up the learning, collaboration and connection through which we can achieve and reach beyond what we are capable of alone.  Jane urged us to move away from the negative stereotypes often associated with following and to look at it through a different lens.  

You can view Jane's talk by following this link - youtu.be/MQo-1qlKUBE

Following is not a bad thing and may often be under rated.

This is a short blog and I could talk lots about the different Ted Talks I was lucky enough to hear but this one really got me thinking...

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Sarah Philp

Sarah Philp

Director of Learning, Scotland for Osiris Educational (also Ed Psych & Yoga Teacher)

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Christine Couser Christine Couser @cacouser 6 months ago
We forget the power of good followers
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