Be brave enough to ask for help


My #womenedwednesday‍ blogs seems to be becoming a habit, not sure why or how but I quite like it!

I've had three conversations with three different women this week about the difficulty we have asking for help. These conversations happen to have been with women but I don't think it's entirely unique to us. 

Do we think that asking for help is a sign of weakness? An imposition? Giving up control?

It interests me that we are all happy to seek the services of people who can help us - we will go to the physio, go for a facial or massage, try out reiki, go to a yoga or fitness class.  I'm sure there are many other things we regularly pay for that help us cope with daily life, stress, anxiety and pain (whether that is physical or emotional). So why are we so reluctant to ask for help from people who know us, those who care and those want to help. 

How many times have you uttered the words 'let me know if I can help'?  I know I've said them plenty, I don't always say them again though. I guess I make an assumption that the other person will ask, but then I know I wouldn't so why should others be different?  Now that I think about it, it often takes another offer of help or a more specific suggestion of help for someone to accept (or give in!)  And yes, I am probably the same and one friend in particular is very good at offering a specific form of help which allows me to say 'yes, thank-you that would be great' rather than ask. 

I think I have learned to accept help more often than I did (sometimes and from some people, so yes I still have room for improvement). I also need to get better at asking for help.  Maybe we need to pledge our support to each other in the quest to seek help when we need it. asking for help means giving up some control but let's face it if we have got this far on our own, we know we can do it, but we can probably get even further with a helping hand. Don't let the inner voice be the one to hold you back.  Let's be brave and ask for help when we need it - what's the worst that can happen? 


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Sarah Philp

Sarah Philp

Director of Learning, Scotland for Osiris Educational (also Ed Psych & Yoga Teacher)

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Anna Ambrose Anna Ambrose @annaambrose 2 months ago
Wow, posted something very similar today Sarah!
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