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A fortnight ago I posted here about the future of Staffrm. I explained that we needed to raise funds in order to be able to redevelop the platform and secure its long term future. I want to thank those of you who got behind the campaign to back Staffrm, especially those of you who took the time to post comments of support here, on Twitter and on Facebook. It is really gratifying to know that Staffrm touched your lives in positive ways.

Ultimately however, the collective response does not indicate that a crowdfunding campaign of the required scale could be successful. There simply aren't enough teachers who feel strongly about supporting the future of Staffrm. It is with some regret that today I am therefore announcing that the platform will be closing down. I will shortly post more details about how the closure will be managed. For the time being, users with an account will still be able to post stories and comments.

I understand that, despite the lack of wider support, some of you will be very disappointed by this news. I want to assure you that I have done everything I could to try to make Staffrm viable. Along with my former team members, I've ploughed a huge amount of time, effort and love into this platform over the past five years. Whilst I'd love to have seen Staffrm survive and thrive in the future, I'm proud of what we've been able to achieve in that time.

I'm sure some of you will have questions about what will happen to your content and/or the content of other users. As mentioned above, I will soon post more information about how the closure will be managed.

Thank you again to all of you who have supported Staffrm over the past five years. I wish you all the best for the future!


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Emma Owen Davies Emma Owen Davies @emdavies 2 months ago
Thank you @staffrm ☺️ Has helped me so much being part of this community.
Sarah Ashton Sarah Ashton @mrsashton 2 months ago
Sorry to hear this- I guess there are just lots of individual blogs out there. I haven't written or posted for ages because life was just too busy but I loved the February challenge. Thanks to all of you who were working so hard in the back ground- sorry to see you go xxx
David Rogers David Rogers @davidrogers 2 months ago
Sorry to hear this. Loved Staffrm back in the day and the way it created a community of like minded people. Have to admit to not checking it for at least a year, mainly because I found it far too noisy and difficult to find good reflections. Was a great platform to launch blogs. One question, what will happen to the posts? Archived or vanish ?
Hannah Wilson Hannah Wilson @misswilsey 2 months ago
I am really unhappy to hear this as will lots of the staffrm and #womened community be. If it is a final decision, I am interested to know the timescale for closure as we have a lot of content in the archive which would be a real shame to lose :-( I think the timing of the news at the start of term when everyone is mega busy would have been a contributing factor to the lack of response. Lots of people have not made it back here since the summer yet? Equally the change in management over the last year, pressures on time/ money may not have been clear to all users perhaps? Can we have some clarity about how much crowd funding is needed to make this site viable? Some of us may then be able to help others get behind it?
Colin Grimes Colin Grimes @colingrimes 2 months ago
I think that we should maybe tip our hats to what Staffrm has achieved. The rise in teacher-bloggers, mused included, could be attributed to how Staffrm gave a safe space for people to dip their toes in the blog sphere.

Maybe then Staffrm is a victim of its own success. But we should celebrate that it happened, celebrate the journey we have been on and celebrate what it has spawned.
Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox @natw 2 months ago
I’m with @misswilsey - how much are we talking about because I would love to try and support you staying online if possible.
Alex Bellars Alex Bellars @alexbellars 2 months ago
Staffrm has been a great feature on the recent teacher-blogger landscape, and its passing will be a great shame. If there is some way to reincarnate it/something similar in the not-too-distant future, I will be happy to contribute.
Jay Rixon Jay Rixon @jayrixon 2 months ago
I too am so sorry to hear this news, and would like to know more about any options there might be to save it, as I have so enjoyed using this platform.
B Yusuf B Yusuf @byusuf 2 months ago
Fully agree with @misswilsey, @natw and @jayrixon

How much is required in the way of crowdfunding? What are the options and timescale?

As I said in my previous comments, I will support @staffrm's endeavours to continue.

Just so you know, the start of a new academic year can be incredibly intense and busy. It is only by *pure chance* that I came across a tweet which shared that @staffrm may close...
Naureen Khalid Naureen Khalid @naureen 2 months ago
So sad to read this. Thank you for all that you've done.
Jill Berry Jill Berry @jillberry 2 months ago
Sorry I had missed what was happening and, as others have said, this is a sad outcome, but I do understand why this has happened. Thank you for all you and the team have done - you have been instrumental in my own blogging journey, and in the development of #WomenEd. It is very much appreciated.
Alex Weatherall Alex Weatherall @alexweatherall 2 months ago
Have you approached Nesta or similar to see if you can get a grant to help move things on. I'll be honest. Last year, too much on for me to post regularly. It will be a shame if the community folds though.
Kay Fuller Kay Fuller @kayfuller 2 months ago
Sorry to read this. If this is a final decidion the material needs to be archived somehow. It is a wonderful expression and record of of teachers' voices.
Mike Watson Mike Watson @mikewatsed 2 months ago
This is such sad news.
I have only discovered this today and truly feel bad that I hadn't learned earlier.

Thank you @staffrm - you helped me find my voice as a blogger and the 50+ posts I made here are really important to me. I think we need to recognise the massive impact this platform has had on all it's users and live in hope that perhaps, a miracle can happen.
Thanks to posters, commenters and likers - you have all helped me tremendously.
Flora RH Richards Flora RH Richards @cupacoco 2 months ago
Like others I have only discovered this news today and am sad to hear it. I really like the simplicity of Staffrm, and though I haven't posted a story of my own recently I would love to continue to have access to my stories.
I would consider supporting a funding campaign if we can have more info about how much is needed... and I am sure the #womened #bameed #lgbted and other communities who have benefitted from staffrm would want to help too.
Stephen Lockyer Stephen Lockyer @mrlockyer 1 month ago
Gutted. I was honoured to be the first to post, and have gotten to know so many people on here IRL. Take care all.
[Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] [Retired Colleague] 1 month ago
I'm late to the party, but I'm devastated this fantastic idea won't survive. Surely there has to be another way???
Joyce MATTHEWS Joyce MATTHEWS @joycematthews 1 month ago
What's the reason it can't stay as it is?
Jennifer Hart Jennifer Hart @jenniferhart 1 month ago
I'm so very sad to see staffrm close. It was the warm and encouraging community that prompted me to post my first ever blog and it remains the only platform I've used. Although I haven't posted for some time I still have such a huge amount of affection for it.
Thank you to everyone who made staffrm a reality and kept it going for so long. X
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