Resource Websites - They're Alright, Right?


Every now and again on social media, there are grumblings about resource sites. From the 'there's a mistake in this', to 'I can't stand Twinkl classrooms', to 'honestly, they want money - for that!' and so on...

If they were all bad: useless, full of mistakes and too expensive, they'd not survive. Right?

So first up, (possibly the original) 'Primary Resources' - well organised, decent set of resources. Perhaps a little dated - can't remember when I last visited.

Twinkl, TES Resources and similar - I don't understand why these sites allow individuals to sing up for accounts. They're allowing teachers to spend their own money on resourcing lessons, and making money from it. I have access to Twinkl via my school's account. It's great. I use it frequently for grammar and punctuation resources, arithmetic assessments, items for display and more. Would I sign up for an account of my own, out of my own pocket? No. I'd urge these sites to scrap individual accounts and only allow schools to sign up.

Paying for these resources? Again, I understand why Twinkl sell their resources: that's their business. I understand why consultants sell their resources: it's part of their income. But, teachers, if you've made something for your class or a lesson you taught, don't charge for others to access it. You made it as part of your employment at the school. You used it. Now, just let others use it if they want to. Yes, you could get a little extra income. But, you know what, you share for free and others may well share with you for free too! What goes around, comes around. 

I have a Dropbox folder that's free for others to access. Have published to iTunes (free) and have put items onto TES Resources (again, free). Let's not make our job any more difficult than it needs to be. We already get paid reasonably well, don't we?

So, resource sites: school sign ups only please. Consultants, as you were. Teachers: share and share a like - for free. Don't overuse a resource site - use it when and if you need to, not as your default go to for an easy life. And, if you didn't make something, don't list it as yours - that's naughty!

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