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Having successfully introduced Latin at KS3 a year ago, Wyedean is now seeking to expand Classics provision to an accredited level. We plan to introduce Latin at GCSE to Year 9 students as a twilight extra subject and Classical Civilisation at GCSE to 6th formers as an enrichment option.This will certainly strengthen the work we already do and, hopefully, encourage interest and enthusiasm in general.Since none of our staff have admitted to having sufficient knowledge of Latin to run the course in Year 1, we intend to recruit a peripatetic Latin tutor for the first year.Staff members interested in this unusual CPD opportunity will shadow the tutor over the course of the year, receiving further training from Bristol University, with a view to taking over in Year 2 and beyond.

Thus far, the response to Latin from both the students and parents has been overwhelmingly positive. Currently, a group of thirteen students in Year 8 targeted for stretching and challenging are working independently on Classical Civilisation projects.The work they have thus far produced is phenomenal.The enthusiasm for this intellectual opportunity has been astonishing.Students were given a basic outline of the topics they might like to research and then invited to follow their own interests as they investigated.This is where the beauty of Classical Civilisation lies.Students have chosen to follow their interests in linguistics, history, politics, architecture, fashion, culture, mythology, anthropology and criminology.

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The enthusiasm for Latin and Classics is already well established through the work we have carried out over the past year. The impact of GCSE Latin in particular will be assessed in the following ways:

  • Numbers opting to take the subject
  • GCSE results gained by each cohort of students
  • Regular attitudinal surveys of students, teachers and parents to gauge their enthusiasm for Latin

There is already a real sense of excitement at Wyedean about the possibility of offering Latin at KS4.

The school will be offering an extra GCSE thus giving students further opportunities in terms of further education and employment. It will develop the spirit of Latin and Classics as being part of Wyedean and more importantly an important part of education generally.

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