Thank You Staffrm by Tim Head

Thank You Staffrm

I will be posting this on my own blog and on staffrm. It will be my last piece on there as sadly I...

Tim Head Tim Head
A beginning, a middle, an end by Stephen Connor

A beginning, a middle, an end

In the beginning I signed up for staffrm because I was curious. I shared a couple of posts and read a...

Stephen Connor Stephen Connor
29th February by Kerry Macfarlane

29th February

The final day of the Staffrm challenge #29daysofwriting has arrived! Yippee! At the start of the challenge,...

Loving Staffrm One Year On by Jenna Lucas

Loving Staffrm One Year On

According to my profile, it is exactly one year ago today that I joined @staffrm . Having already been...

Jenna Lucas Jenna Lucas
Who’s allowed in [the] staffr[oo]m? by Karen Wespieser

Who’s allowed in [the] staffr[oo]m?

Let’s be clear from the start, this is an outsider’s perspective. Worse still, this is a staffrm...

Karen Wespieser Karen Wespieser
Checking out STAFFRM by Mark Dunk

Checking out STAFFRM

(like I need something else to do)

Mark Dunk Mark Dunk
Pithy title by Toby French

Pithy title

Something something my journey another bit

Toby French Toby French
So...I guess this is me? by James Shackley

So...I guess this is me?

A brief introduction

James Shackley James Shackley
A staffroom is a staffroom is a staffroom? by Candida Gould

A staffroom is a staffroom is a staffroom?

I'm relatively new to @staffrm  so I feel a bit like someone who's just arrived at a new school, sitting...

Candida Gould Candida Gould
My Staffrm by Jennifer Hart

My Staffrm

In response to Rachel Jones

Jennifer Hart Jennifer Hart
#challengeme by Leah Sharp


Critical friends please

Leah Sharp Leah Sharp
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