Whose wellbeing is it anyway? by Hannah Gregory

Whose wellbeing is it anyway?

Last week at work a local car cleaning company came and set up at the front of school. For £13 you could...

Hannah Gregory Hannah Gregory
The teacher's time out card by Chris Reck

The teacher's time out card

Ever felt like saying to the class: “Sorry folks…need a little space for myself now… just to take...

Chris Reck Chris Reck
My Term Time Holidays by Liam M

My Term Time Holidays

I'm a teacher and I've started taking term time holidays! Like most teachers, I find myself in a cycle...

Liam M Liam M
Keep talking... by Alex Bellars

Keep talking...

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. As anyone who has read my WordPress blog before may already know,...

Alex Bellars Alex Bellars
Grace & Gratitude by Susan Baumgartner

Grace & Gratitude

Originally published on my blog verbostratis.com. While enjoying one of the many education-related Twitter...

Susan Baumgartner Susan Baumgartner
Needing the loo by Helen Rogerson

Needing the loo

This morning while reading twitter I came across a humous tweet with an image describing 10 things that...

Helen Rogerson Helen Rogerson
The Beginning by Susan Baumgartner

The Beginning

Initially published on my Facebook group for readers of my guided journal, Dear Teachers. I will also...

Susan Baumgartner Susan Baumgartner
Balance and Speed by Christine Couser

Balance and Speed

So six glorious weeks have gone by and on Monday I'll be back in school. I have spent a lot of time reflecting...

Christine Couser Christine Couser
I miss teaching ... by Andy Knill

I miss teaching ...

I miss teaching ...I last taught mid November 2016, I broke down mentally at lunchtime and then as I...

Andy Knill Andy Knill
You've got a friend by Natalie Wilcox

You've got a friend

Over the last few months I have blogged about Mental Health Awareness and wellbeing as part of the #wellbeingdgmeet‍...

Natalie Wilcox Natalie Wilcox
How Reading Helped My Mental Health by Jennifer Holder

How Reading Helped My Mental Health

It's not always easy to rest and look after yourself. After my Dad died I had a sort of a breakdown....

Jennifer Holder Jennifer Holder
A black dog. by Lena Carter

A black dog.

Sometimes life takes the wind out of your sails.Our lovely black dog was run over on Wednesday and died.We...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
Why we should all get naked by Helen Pengelly

Why we should all get naked

We have a funny attitude towards nudity in this country. We are still stuck with Victorian attitudes...

Helen Pengelly Helen Pengelly
Destiny by Lena Carter


So Prince William is going to "embrace his destiny", give up flying air ambulances and commit himself...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
My Summer Wellbeing Plan and Reading List. What's yours? by CHARMAINE ROCHE

My Summer Wellbeing Plan and Reading List. What's yours?

Educators: What is in your summer wellbeing plan?Now is the time to put in place your summer holiday...

On the importance of group culture, co-operation and mutual support by Julie Smith by Wyedean CPD

On the importance of group culture, co-operation and mutual support by Julie Smith

I have taught English in secondary schools for twenty years, and I can’t remember any other period...

Wyedean CPD Wyedean CPD
Re - energised by a Flamingo by Sarah Hardy

Re - energised by a Flamingo

The Cambridge Festival of Education on Saturday was perfectly timed. The inspiring passion of everyone...

Sarah Hardy Sarah Hardy
End of term tiredness by Jonathan Harris

End of term tiredness

So I am writing this at the airport as I wait to go on holiday. And as I sit here waiting for my flight...

Jonathan Harris Jonathan Harris
#JukeboxJuneHT plus one by Lena Carter

#JukeboxJuneHT plus one

On Saturday I stood in a park and had my faith in humanity and the world completely restored. Music is...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
Tickets Now ON SALE -

Tickets Now ON SALE - "Education for the Soul" 2017

Integrity Coaching exists because we care. We care about our children. We care about our schools. We...

Vivienne Grant Vivienne Grant
My Open Letter to Every School Leader by Vivienne Grant

My Open Letter to Every School Leader

As a former Headteacher and after having been working with School Leaders for the last decade, it's become...

Vivienne Grant Vivienne Grant
 by Lena Carter

Today I have been reflecting. I have been reading the things that others have been saying about the events...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
Love is the answer. by Lena Carter

Love is the answer.

This week I gave an assembly for my third year pupils about all that they have achieved in the last year.I...

Lena Carter Lena Carter
Boxes by Susan Baumgartner


WE ALL COME IN BOXES.I like to picture us all as being composed of 3 parts: body, mind and spirit. Our...

Susan Baumgartner Susan Baumgartner
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